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tv   Cross Talk  RT  February 11, 2019 7:30am-8:01am EST

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it's true are looking for the fifty pound is worthless woody allen very graphic on the level of oxycodone coming out on the. next one i think is this is the found that there is a constant thank you. hello and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered time peter lavelle house that forced regime change going in venezuela a few snags
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a few bumps in the road and can we believe some u.s. troops will leave the middle east and much much more on this edition of crossfire. cross talking some real news i'm joined by my guest here in moscow exactly in morrow he is the founder of the center for political strategic analysis poll we also have extra leavitt's he is a political analyst as well as a leading expert at the center for actual politics and we have dimitri bobbitt she's a political analyst with sputnik international or a german cross-talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate victor let me go to you first let's talk about venezuela we have the pretender president backed by the united snakes of the united states mr cardew he's come out in public saying that he may because of his power whatever that may be mean in venezuela asked for a foreign intervention which of course would be the use of
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a militant american military in venezuela as we've seen many many times in the hemisphere is this going in a very bad place or is this telling us that as i said in my introduction a few bumps in the road a few snags with this force regime change of course keeping cool is keeping. so it's still going it may not be going as fast or as quick as the station or its lights in the venezuela elected to go but if such an intervention ever took place it would be a complete total violation of international law why door has no legitimacy in the international enough he has not been elected by the venezuelan people here is essentially been elected by washington d.c. and that's and its allies and then it let's point out he and. freeman play in playing a very interesting role of exactly and what washington they starting to do right
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now is also a plea p.r. game so right now on the colombian venezuelan border there are several talks with loads of so-called aid to the venezuelan people that the is delivered under the auspices of the united states government now it's being blocked but it's being blocked because first of all the venezuelan government doesn't know what's in that tax second of all the full well it's just a p.r. game because if the united states wants to cup the venezuelan people it should lift the seven weeks of sanctions on top of the let's remember the iliad abrams did use that trick before in sending arms exactly you know i think it's interesting there's a juxtaposition here. we have all of this coverage of the humanitarian crisis there's a crisis there yet ok but you know there are more under the chavez and i'm a conservative everybody knows that and i'm not talking up chavez but he pulled more people out of poverty than any other political force in venezuela in history
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their economy is on the rocks the government does take responsibility for the sanctions are very real ones who come in recently even more the average person but at the same time we get all this coverage here but the yellow vests continue to march on but there's more violence there are people losing limbs people losing their eyes but you wouldn't know here. much about this the only time we would hear about it is that there are socialist which of course is not true it's very interesting the media lens on venezuela in the yellow vests yes it's completely crazy because for instance mark asked for relief of the poor but at the same times had five thousand people ninety three french people were injured twenty. last. were in nucleated by yamin remark or yesterday during the last act of yellow jacket again a man lost completely lost because they use some. grenade that they used to use
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when i was in the army so it's all the violence used by a million mark or even know is there is no comparison is it fair to say that violence is one direction one of course of course of course it's. actually the jacket there is there is no party it's real spontaneous that's its strength yes that there is no leaders when and when the some of the others tried to prepare a least for the european elections they were immediately inserted there were. they won't be any. you know jack at least at the end on the open election because the people don't want it it's not that i don't know it's not going to happen because if they institutionalize it will be corrupted yes. they don't trust anymore because you have to remember i mean an american was elected by
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a coup. by fraud so to the people in the street. who are supported by thirty seven percent of the french population so it's not only yellow jacket it's a french people but uses human lives in no way today that they can lose and i and i was myself you know it was a week ago. and i was of yes i was afraid because when we when we see the police we immediately want to know when to stand uses this will force you better be afraid i don't care where you are you know the juxtaposition of these stories is really quite amazing here because i would say that the young will best how the legitimate right under french law to demonstrate their grievances but the people in vince waver well they're supporting authoritarianism they're supporting socialism with everything people of venezuela want to support whatever within reason in my mind government ideology that's their business it's no one else's business to dictate to
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them what kind of leadership the particular leader of the should have and upturn the political order and i have to remind all of us interviewers the venezuelan people voted for their constitution that is very very rare when they have a substantial part of the population that is against my door ok diana look dialogue is something that is usually used in such situations and we have the group of one to day or. you know the group convened by europe why mexico are neutral states in fact that group whatever their dialogue what's the response from washington and they're saying that this is not the right way you want to do is not going the right way it may only prolong the days all the dural in power so you know that states now is ruled by and i don't know which it which is sometimes right sometimes left it is supposedly centrist but they really it's a very radical look with. the new president of brazil just recently with bad he was
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you know he was ultra right he was for dictatorship and not suddenly he's a normal president you know he doesn't exclude to the true option against various well and he's fine you know to do is p.r. people are american mainstream media they do. and the point is you know why our slightly disagree with victor the consequences you know they. might do or will suggest it in his appeal to the american people he suggested we can in history he said that you know that you're a presenter just you said in his address is trying to use the same tactics they used in vietnam they're going to bring it closer to your doors because when you start with so much gold or so the military option is excluded asked for it and economic blockade look you've survived an economic blockade for fifty years and what is really surprising is that the same countries of the european union which
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used to condemn cuba the borg at the u.n. vote no eighteen out of twenty seven or twenty eight e.u. member states they already recognized who i believe you will hold and you're going to spend it will you know you couldn't meet it will jump in look this is again not as you correctly pointed out this is not about what type of economic policy example the government in caracas chooses to pursue were what their canonic policy the people of venezuela believe is the best for them this is about the summer and right of the venezuelan government and the venezuelan people to decide the future of their country i want we just talked about mexico and its support for the workings of the montevideo hoop and the willingness of the u.s. to follow in step with that even during the when the right wing governments were in place in mexico city and when the united states was pressing mexico to to cut diplomatic ties with have and with cuba even right wing governments who were there
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which were very pro-american if used to cut those ties why not because they supported fidel castro not because they supported socialism in cuba it was because they believed that cuba even if they disagree with the people of cuba they still have the right to choose their own future without the united states or other countries there on the book it's interesting michael. peo has said recently that they did as well in meeting their security forces here hezbollah has souls in venezuela i mean if you can't sell we're being you know it's socialism we can't even think there's been a law that might you know have a directed me a cage and why i do it right then of course all the time of the government where is casey well you were in the queue. during the. revolution it's time when there are some snipers coming in caracas and starting to shoot. for should he have an aliyah that's his initial to prepare for the.
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hypocrisy of the european union i mean. it was a one party state when they docked at this u.n. resolution condemning the u.s. but kate when you say always north of one party state. has called for another new election sort of the bottom and childless almost araf around it in venice show how can a dictator was a referendum and show me. this whole issue of democracy is that when elections are held the opposition doesn't even par dissipate it actually can get elections so who are the democrats ok it seems to me the people or the western media will refuses and again i'm not defending chavez but he brought people into the political process they were invisible from the very beginning of venezuelan statehood and that's why i do worry viktor about violence because they will defend it because they may be in
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trouble now but they have more than they did twenty years it is a reason that is on the bar i still think my girl may survive is because they have turned to for so terrible i mean their brilliant back the people who were in power before one thousand nine hundred eight and they keep saying that your father was the richest country or south america well potentially yes. but people are pool you know the previous president in one thousand nine hundred three it was removed in best moment of the company of the oil company of innisfail provided not it would be its hundred sold millions of dollars to the state budget chavez stopped it and that's why it will spoil people up so people may not like but my door is financial policy it was a failure but if you tell the people you're going to have the same guys who have been running the country until late did i take it he said if i thought it was i'd have to really got a good job and you were going to go to a short break and after that show break we'll continue our discussion and some real mistake.
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you know world is a big part of a. lot of things and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. good who was before. much of those who heard something. new will.
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go. with. the flow didn't know you were for their beliefs and looked good. muslim also these girls will give you a good girl. to go to shows so look but do the same you belong to show your story should go. to start. to do so it was the night of the most let's see a look it is a. change that's not a chance just. to mash the truck up the digital police control to.
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those who have petitions to go to school to snoop or come up with you will because that is the cause of it for this approach to your station should ensure you should book door for the one who's doing. welcome back across the uk where all things are considered i'm peter all about dr who we're discussing some real news. examiner i want to slightly turn directions here we're talking about the yellow vests in the first part of the program and the man made and worsening crisis a crisis in venezuela and you know we have this green new deal ok of course in the state of the union address i don't think it was mentioned directly but this is socialism again throwing out this sort of gear i don't know if it is or not but
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it's certainly greater state involvement in the economy and on this program i will do a separate program on the green new deal but it's it's never really said in the mail in the mainstream corporate media is that the possible appeal of some of these programs it's not because of its ideological. driven because i don't believe most americans know what socialism is but it's really it more of an indication of how the status quo has failed them and they are looking for new ideas because the same old bad ideas isn't helping is it to you i couldn't agree more and for instance if you compare again with the speech. you see there is the same people in this thread because they count the. additional tax on all you just to go to work with. her in that no wait we have to save the planet so you don't know who or people are . rich people live to talk about it yes but normal people
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look at what they have to eat they can feed the children because there is no more. french country and when. when you can do what you want when you cover someone call when you can buy you have to change your television. screen each year it's no more this case traditionally up until the last few years french model for a lot of the. quality of life yes of course particularly with how your hospitals in the region in the rural areas which are disappearing post offices disappearing social services disappearing and the real interest people on the on the street pay in taxes but there is no more what are they getting there is no more school there is no more anything that we saw when. talking about saving the planet to just you know defeat it likely to as they are inserted. that here. look some parts of the
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new deal look more like fantasyland than socialism the promise to eliminate air travel and the police had to work more to some degree and the police it was more of . asportation systems and a lot more but this is in a way this is exactly what that them. back to establishing once two thousand and sixteen the last presidential elections what was the main problem for the democratic national committee in the democratic establishment he was bernie sanders who was the left wave that took away the people that we from that support for their main stream centrist hillary clinton can say that they did not yes they did not want that main thing is they did not want a repetition of that in two thousand and twenty so what political technology are they using these days they're putting this newly installed congresswoman from new york alexandria court as somebody with no political experience somebody not known for your intellectual brevity here but not for
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a willingness to speak on any subject without even without having much knowledge about it we're all going to see it and yet you've got a ten million example of your words your actions she discredits she discovered to say that clears it up but isn't that intentional do you believe this eventually my experience my theory is that. for the cable network c.n.n. and him is a b c he was seen as their darling because she's attractive and she's a new. everywhere ok she's politically correct if she's politically correct and they feel good about themselves did you start bushman doesn't really like her very much they might they might get rid of her district by two thousand i think they will but who loves her the most the political right you know of service will be able to but i think this is a very interesting question the question of the language politically correct language i mean they use this term frontal i could be just what does it mean. it means indigenous people communities of color the pool of the women the elderly i
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don't. see it exists but everybody you know the youth the problem is that there are wrong way real from play here in the world created by a president who was a democrat people of the us there are from white community there had been killed there had been born. by ukrainian to be serious with the british here from the look at you from the president of that party of the democratic party which is now pushing these green new deal people to leave it there a community so the stall of the world and they use it the misuse it you know they misuse it for their own purposes the create a real real big there was a war and they're not talking about them they're both well and all this should put i have sharp with them it's all going to be the last time the last one on this side maybe just a few words maybe just a few words because it's interesting you know when the enumerated all this front i mean you know what that reminded me of he didn't mind i mean all of the any well
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far you know. showing the camera you know that's part of the leader so that you had a snowball kooks like a democrat who looks like a leftist he creates and while he could be patient and he suggests same didn't start the countries who stood up three billion so that we don't have to get found ourselves well the problem is that snowball is always fought by the other guy by paul on quickly it benefits from this from this empty demagoguery because the green you deal i'm not against office but i'm against demagoguery this is ok we're going to do this this is not the last word on this is going to have been of course. as it's well known he may have wanted to write about the soviet union where other countries are which he didn't know much but as somebody who spent most of his life in his native great britain he always ended up writing about the system can you most dislike and as well how to switch gears you know much talk about. a real or
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imagined troop withdrawals from the middle east here we have as we speak here. we have the pentagon coming out that they have a timetable the end of the troops coming home we don't know if it's going to be all of them because all doesn't always mean all breaks it doesn't mean that you know how language is getting so polluted right now. but we have the state department. the troops are going to be remaining there at least some of them to do to protect the kurds although certainly love the kurds and to protect israel or why doesn't israel protect the kurds but that's never quite that's an inconvenient question to be asked is trump winning on this. because you're is no choice because in two years there would be some election internet in states or and if you remember the program was peaceful one was against you could decide the word were in iraq you criticize were in syria. you wanted the us army lists implicated are going to be so maybe it's time to get back to the program you're absolutely right about this one
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said this so many times and that's why i think troops deployment in venezuela all options on the table i don't think he really wants to do it i couldn't agree more yes. there may be some special forces used to some point of course it's very unlikely that a full scale invasion would take place with u.s. troops at the killing simply because the us understands very well that that would be a disaster it would be a p.r. disaster it not just in venezuela but throughout latin american age and then as it would become a signal of question of the resistance to american intervention american aggression and that's the last think that any credible. candidate for real madrid would want of course but at the same time is. first of all does he have the willingness the political will or eat this he even didn't order the even the intention of withdrawing all u.s. troops from syria probably not he already has already been stated in the south of
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syria of the border with jordan that is the police those troops will be there is unlikely that they will be withdrawn i mean you can the forces are very rarely would get on completely from. before very rarely and so to me questions here first of all. even the. he wanted to do it does he have the power within the american foreign policy and defense or perhaps to implement his decision and the second question is he has stated on a number of occasions that he does not want to deal he is the other cities are his enemies what he really intends to do and all of these statements when you see something like that they don't have much credence because i think it's a cycle our population at this point i worry and same sions which is very real or do you know where to. set about this troop withdrawal ultimately some of them will be carbon call but we're going to be there and we're going to stay he but they will be coming back in a matter of time you know and then you know is it both
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a way to get in there to say they are to solve and then there's the the new york. times reporter there actually three thousand ok but you know once again don't forget is the ad gets smaller let me just call it that they need these additional one thousand to protect and carry all of the process for pulling out and also to leave the equipment to the syrian civil war as you can just really give someone the excuse not to get out of course you know in the end of that it don't forget that is a developer so. you want to be able to trump over. in the so you give you give you give dog gets and i really think it's to get the u.s. army owed of many side but after that you give the target you will negotiate if you will negotiate with everybody and we. will have to get the you're going to have the summit coming up will you. annoy cuban trump. trump needs
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a window on this. for a temper and they agree with. his business experience he understands of course he understands that no major break is possible with him at this point simply because the united states is not willing to give anything up on its own what we didn't stay in for years yes in fact washington it wants to impose even harsher so. actions against north korea even though north korea has alluded to the part of its what it promised to destroy one of its. conduct a new business conduct like this and so forth so what. at the end of the summit he needs a nice photo up which i'm sure he will get and also he will get he wants more promises from the north korean side and then claim that those promises are going to be implemented and that's actually lives it will kill american english will cut the mustard because of his enemies at home you know what they of course they able to see easily see through it doesn't really matter they were his opponents will easily easily see through this they will criticize it as they can't down with the previous
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segment but that part of his police will be even the optics will be nice and noisy another meeting he will of course claim that it was only because of his pressure it was only because of his existence because he is owned this ok yes it's nothing but you know he will say that you know your thoughts are on that and because of him many thanks to my guest here in moscow this is the end of our broadcast segment stay with us for the extended version on our you tube channel so you next time remember. i've been saying the numbers mean something they've matter to us is over twenty trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you want to be rich with six percent market so thirty
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percent rise once a year some with four hundred to five hundred trees per second per second and when he rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars ai industrial but don't have the numbers over. the only number you need. remember in. the field you know for a minute one can only believe. that . she'll be a. student have been mugged for most. depends on the meter for that day with. the counselors if i went up at
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a meeting they. were sort of my love and respect him to me or the now with jamie as a one quarter the only just. now at the five the. hell i got money for that never. see let him make the one you have me or hear me measure how confusing cause i gave up because of me. see he said no when i would. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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but that is to rebuild the war torn iraq. and to weigh the situation on the ground . the fifty is a town. there's no reconstruction here all the reconstruction efforts are just going on paper like the living dead we have a cemetery over there but here it's a cemetery for the living all.


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